The following services are available, at no charge, if you contact bss. Keep in mind that I run the domain in my free time, so there may be delays in maintenance or fielding requests, depending on what else I've got going on.


We have servers running Apache and NGINX equipped to serve virtual hosts, and they can also proxy app servers (e.g. gunicorn (Python) or Phoenix (Elixir/Erlang)), which is preferred over using Apache modules. These can also utilize MySQL or PostgreSQL as part of their stack.

In all practical cases, this will probably come with a shell account.


We host a microblogging Fediverse (sometimes known as "Mastodon") site, running Pleroma, at Registration is open, but only close friends and associates will be approved.


Single accounts for and virtual domains can be configured if desired. The MTA has been in existence since 2008 and seems to have a pretty good track record with delivering email to the big names. To maintain this, usage is strictly for personal use only.

Linux shells

Shells are available over SSH. Access is granted only by public/private key. You'll get a user, currently with no quota configured. Desired programs can be installed on demand, within reason.


We have IRC services running on You can contact bss on the network if you have channel, etc. questions.

Mailing lists

Coming soon.


If you need an authoritative DNS server for some reason, we run BIND 9.