The Incorporeal Services Project

Independent services and hosting since 2007

History and Objective came online in 2007 as a host for my personal tinkering online — Linux shells, setting up Apache, that kind of thing. Over time, the services grew and shrank, ebbed and flowed with my time and interest, but what has remained true is a set of core services that make up most of my online footprint.

The internet of the nineties and aughts, a period of decentralized independence online, has since been increasingly replaced by fewer and fewer centralized services — the widespread death of blogs, replaced by social dumping grounds governed by engagement algorithms; the lack of trust in federated services such as email; and the increasing rise of walled gardens over interoperable protocols; the diminshing amount of dedicated game servers, to name a few trends.

This, in my opinion, sucks.

I think of as the infrastructure for personal independence and weird discovery online, and now, in 2021, I'm opening the door to my true social network of friends and family, offering up its services and infrastructure to those who are interested.

If you want to take this indie journey with me, check out the available services.